Zoni Turtle Beach, Culebra

All those who would like to have a dream beach all to themselves are awaited by pure nature at Playa Zoni. We have voted this easternmost of Culebra’s four beaches to the top 3 beaches in Puerto Rico. It guarantees total relaxation and, besides Flamenco Beach, is simply a must-see location. But unlike Flamenco, only few people know Playa Zoni. So if you meet anyone here at all, it will be mainly people living close by, although recently more tourists find their way to Zoni. However, chances are high that you will be the only person on the whole beach, especially if you already arrive before noon.

On this beach you will neither find food and drink stands nor other facilities such as sanitary installations. So you should definitely bring your own water and food. Actually, the only things that remind one of civilization here are the small parking lot and a couple of signs informing visitors that this beach serves as a nesting site for sea turtles.

After chilling out under one of the many natural palm trees, you should definitely take some time for snorkeling. This is one of the best places to experience unforgettable moments underwater. Apart from thousands of see urchins and innumerable colorful fish such as parrotfish, your chances of encountering sea dwellers like stingrays and turtles and of watching them from up close, are rather high.

You can also find beautiful big shells on the seabed, but please do not touch the corals under any circumstances. If you look at the seabed more closely, you may also see a camouflaged octopus waiting for pray. By the way, the most beautiful fish can be seen at the very end of the beach near the big rocks in the water.

No crowds

If you are looking for a calm, quit beach to relax far from crowds, you will fall in love with Zoni Beach. Beautiful sand and a long shore to explore.

zoni culebra beach
culebra clear water

Clear, Clearer, Culebra

Play in the clearest Caribbean water at Playa Zoni and make sure you bring your snorkel gear to explore corals, swim with stingrays and find octopus right at the shore.


Culebra, Puerto Rico

Why you should go
– Beautiful natural beach 
– Top 3 beach in PR
– No crowds
– Great for Snorkeling

Always open. No camping allowed.