Sucia Beach, Cabo Rojo

One of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful beaches is hidden in a bay behind the famous Los Morrillos lighthouse, located in the Cabo Rojo vicinity.

To reach the beach, you will need to travel 5-10 minutes on a partially unpaved road with numerous potholes. An off-road vehicle or a skillful driver are advisable, especially on days when the road is muddy. Because of the lack of shade and dry surroundings, it can get so hot around here that even a dip in the water will not cool you down. Do not forget to bring along sufficient food and water, as Sucia beach has no concession stands or sanitary facilities.

Sucia beach is ideal for families with children, since the well-shielded bay prevents any strong waves from reaching the beach. There is much to discover for children and explorers: colorful crabs, iguanas hiding in the mangrove trees, and colorful fish and sea anemones when snorkeling in the sea and if you are lucky you will see dolphins swimming in the bay.

In case you get bored at the beach, you can easily take a walk to the Los Morrillos lighthouse, which can be reached by the numerous paths along the limestone cliffs.

The well known Los Morrillos light house is located right at the edge of the limestone cliffs and was built by the Spanish at the end of the 19th century. Since the cliffs have a 200-feet drop into the water, they can be quite dangerous, and especially when visiting with small children, special caution needs to be excercised at all times. The area is perfect for a hike or bicycle ride, and the blue horizon and ocean vistas are truly stunning. The more adventurous visitor can explore the natural limestone formations and their breathtaking landscape, located at the bottom of the hill.

Explore the Lighthouse

One reasons to visit this beach is the option to take a short hike along the cliffs and the old lighthouse. Incredible views, animal life and fresh air. But watch your step!

Faro Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

Salty scenery

The Cabo Rojo Salt Flats are considered unique and irreplaceable. The coastline, mangroves, sea-grass beds, and offshore coral reefs next to the area, are prime fish habitat, and are considered special aquatic sites.


Cam Buye
Cabo Rojo, 00623

Why you should go
– Beautiful natural beach
– Near the Cabo Rojo Salt Flats

– Suitable for snorkeling when the water is clear
– No big waves and safe for kids
– Incredible view from the lighthouse

Please note!
– No amenities. Bring plenty of water and enough food and everything else you need.
– Use common sense along the cliffs. Do NOT get close to the edge.

Always open