Seven Seas Beach, Fajardo

Seven Seas is definitely one of Puerto Rico’s best beaches and is part of the Blue Flag Beach program. It is located near Fajardo, from where the ferries to Culebra and Vieques depart. Especially for families this beach is simply ideal: For one thing, the waves are very calm here because the beach is located within an natural bay, so that you can let your children play in the water without having to worry. For another thing, there are many roofed barbecue areas and other recreation offers. Besides the beach volleyball playing surfaces you can also find big areas reserved for partying and camping.

The sanitary facilities are another advantage of this beach. They are well laid out and exceptionally clean – which is true for the beach in general. Parking costs a few dollars in fees per vehicle, which are well spent, however, as you can be sure that your car is save in the fenced-in parking lot.

For a Caribbean landscape, this beach looks a bit unusual, as apart from the familiar palms there are also many deciduous trees, which you normally wouldn’t expect on a beach in Puerto Rico. In addition to recreation and relaxation, the beach offers many other activities for people of all ages. For example, there are many exciting things to explore on the trail to the Hidden Beach, which is located nearby.

If you walk along the rocks of the beach, you get to see some astonishing representatives of the Caribbean fauna. In the water, between the rocks and corals, there are animals which you normally don’t get a chance to watch. There are starfish and other colorful fish, and if you look closely you might even discover a sea cucumber. At first glance these see creatures look like the severed arm of a big octopus, but they are distinct animals looking for food at the seashore. Here, as always, the rule applies: You are welcome to watch – but never touch or harm the animal in any way.

You can get more information about this trail, which leads to two other hidden beaches, at Hidden Beach.

Great Family Beach

No waves or only small waves make Seven Seas Beach to the ideal family beach. Great for basic snorkeling and interesting short hikes and a lot to explore.


Camping & barbecue

Beside privately maintained bathrooms and showers, the beach also offers shelters for picnic and barbecue and camping is also allowed for a fee. 


Fajardo 00738

Parking $5
Camping $10

Why you should go

– great family beach 
– camping allowed
– picnic shelters can be rented
– lots of trees for shade
– calm waters
– activities nearby
– trails for hiking 

Parking is open:
We.-Su. 8:30am – 6:00pm

The Beach is always accessible