Rincon del Sabor

Rincon del Sabor is a family restaurant, settled down fifteen years ago, with a extensive menu that includes fresh fish and seafoods from the area. Being one of the specialities mashed plantain with mixed seafood and a variety of sides to choose, like rice with green peas and fried breadfood.

The Restaurant

In walking distance of La Pared Beach in Luquillo, Rincon del Sabor is the best option for a relaxing dinner near the hotels and vacation apartments of Luquillo Beaches.

The Souvenir Shop

Beside fresh Puerto Rican food, great drinks and mouthwatering desserts, you will alsobe able to buy some memories in our souvenir shop. 


Calle Fernandez Garcia #263
Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Phone: 787-556-9760


Why you should go
- Great Puerto Rican Food

- Family Business
- Close to La Pared Beach
- Souvenir Shop

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm
Sat-Sun 3pm-9pm
Wednesday closed