Old San Juan

Old San Juan is the heart of San Juan “La Ciudad Amurallada” (The Walled City) – one of the most exciting and vibrant cities of the world. It is a place where the events of the past still seem present and alive.

San Juan was originally founded in Caparre, known today as Pueblo Viejo. Only one year later the settlement was abandoned and rebuilt on an island – Old San Juan, which is still connected to the mainland by two bridges. San Juan boasts one of the biggest and best protected natural harbours of the Caribbean. It is also the second oldest harbour founded by Europeans in America. The first, Santo Domingo, was officially founded on August 5, 1498.

For those who are interested in history, Old San Juan is simply a must-see location. The beautifully coloured colonial buildings and the massive fortress El Morro alone are definitely worth a visit. But there are also many things to discover in the numerous nicely decorated shops lining the streets of this quarter. Here, you are very likely to find a nice souvenir worth taking home.

But it is only after the dramatically beautiful sea sunset, that Old San Juan truly comes alive. With its many stylish and creatively designed bars and restaurants, which are nestled in the historic buildings, the nightlife of this quarter attracts locals and tourists alike. And the choice is not made easy for the night owls, as each location has its distinct flair and one is more beautiful than the other.

The same is true for the outstandingly good food served in local restaurants. Besides Puerto Rican food, you can also find many restaurants with various delicious dishes from all over the world. If you place special value on a fresh and varied diet, this place is going to make you feel like you’re in heaven.


  • Viejo San Juan, San Juan

Opening hours

  • Always open


  • 500 years of history
  • Walk on the original blue cobble stone
  • Countless restaurants and cafes.
  • One of the best locations in PR to watch the sunset


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