Los Tubos Beach, Manatí

Los Tubos in Manatí is just a small part of an extensive shore that starts at the border of Vega Baja and Manatí. The Beach itself is popular for families on weekends with the large playground and the many animal figures kids can play in, such as Sharks, Manatees, Turtles and even the famous Chupacabra chasing a Goat.

There are many roofed tables as part of the recreational area for picnic, birthday parties and just hanging out and enjoy the beautiful view. 


Los Tubos, without a doubt, is one of the best surfing spots the north-shore has to offer, for the simple fact that the beach points north-west, rather than north, which for the biggest part of the year creates clean, offshore waves. It breaks both left and right but the left is more powerful and can connect with the inner peaks and offer long, steep rides. It is also one of the very few spots in Puerto Rico with a true channel to get to the peak. Whats more is that even on a bigger day, beginners can still surf further in the front where the waves will break smaller.

Surfing Los Tubos

Because of its unique angle on the north coast, Los Tubos gets similar good surfing conditions as Aguadilla and can hold big swells.



Watch a quick video of Los Tubos Beach.


Puerto Rico 671
Manatí, 00674
Puerto Rico

Why you should go
– beautiful natural beach
– one of the best waves in the north
– recreational area for kids

Beach is always accessible but the parking is closed on weekdays. There are still plenty of parkings in an open area.