Cueva del Indio, Arecibo

Located right at the ocean in a natural cave the water seem to have carved into the sharp rocks, you will find Cueva del Indio. The only entrance, a wodden ladder, reminds on a movie set of Indiana Jones. The setup of the entire location is mind-blowing, especially if you are imagining how it must have been a thousand years ago without roads and light pollution at night. 

The Taino Indians probably held tribal meetings and celebrations at this location centuries before the arrival of the Spanish invaders in 1493. Some say the petroglyphs have been made during ceremonial activities, but the truth is that we can't know any of this for sure. What we do know however is, that those carvings have have survived the rough weather and water at the coast and are still there for us to enjoy and to feel the special atmosphere of being able to visit such a mystical place.

This cave seem to contain the largest number of petroglyphs found along the coastal zone and in 1992, the Planning Board of Puerto Rico designated Cueva del Indio as a Natural Reserve. Contact Paradise Tours PR to book a full day cave tour and explore hidden wonders that are not published on this website in a safe environment.

Real History

When it comes to real history of the island, forget the remains of the Spanish and American invaders and turn towards the few reminders of the Tainos.

cueva del indio puerto rico

Mind-blowing location

Located right in between massive rocks hidden at the shore in Arecibo, with at times large waves crashing in between the same, the cave and the large cut out rocky seats at the entrance are an amazing place to visit. 


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San Juan, 00926
Puerto Rico

In the surf season or on days with big swells, stay away from the cliffs, as people have drowned being washed down by big waves! Use common sense! 

Why you should go

- see authentic Taino carvings
- incredible location and free
- breathtaking views from the cliffs
- nice trails to explore the cliffs

Opening Hours

Always open