Crash Boat Beach, Aguadilla

If you are looking for a weekend full of action and adventure, Crash Boat Beach will definitely not disappoint. While it is quiet in the early morning hours, the beach comes to live at noon.

Crash Boat might not be a particularly quiet place, at least not on weekends, but on the other hand it has a lot to offer. You can admire an amazing under water world directly on the seashore. Just underneath the platforms you can see corals and colourful fish from up close in the crystal clear water. All you need are diving goggles, a snorkel and swim fins. However, as the current is rather strong, this should only be done by experienced swimmers and also never on their own – especially because the platforms under which you can see the most beautiful corals and fish are more than 150 feets away from the beach, with no resting places in between.

To anyone who wants to experience a snorkeling and scuba diving tour guided by professional instructors, you might find a tour company right at the beach. 

There are also many booths where fresh food like pinchos, empanadillas, ice cream and cool drinks are offered. You can find big shower rooms on this beach, as well, which also makes it an ideal location for camping.

The perfect beach

We rate Crash Boat Beach as the best beach in the West of Puerto Rico, for it’s combination of location, very clear water, activities and beauty. 

Crash Boat Beach

Stunning Sunsets

Like most beaches in the West, Crash Boat is the perfect stage for watching the sunset after an awesome afternoon snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and relaxing. 



Why you should go
– Complete beach with all you need
– Great for snorkeling

– Good for families with kids
– Mostly no big waves and safe

When you shouldn’t go
– On weekends. Noisy crowds.

Always open