Buye Beach, Cabo Rojo

Buye Beach, right between Mayaguez and Cabo Rojo is probably the most beautiful beach in the Cabo Rojo area. While Combate and Boqueron are rather average beaches but perfectly suited for families, Buye Beach is quiter, rather natural and offers more than other beaches in Cabo Rojo, simply because the waters here are clearer and there are reefs around the beach which can be explored snorkeling, something that is not possible at Combate and Boqueron.

Beside Playa Sucia, Buye is the most beautiful beach around Cabo Rojo, one of only a few, with whiter sand and also very easy accesible.

There are also plenty of good Restaurants and Bars on route to the beach if you feel hungry or thirsty later on. Directly at the beach is a Hotel with snacks and Frappe and pool tables.

Beautiful water and sand

Even though the water might not be as clear as some other beaches, the sandy, shallow bottom creates beautiful colors and a beach safe for families with kids.

Buye Beach Cabo Rojo
Buye Beach Cabo Rojo

No Crowds

If you come here during a weekday, chances are high you might be sharing this beach with very few other people. Especially if you take your things and go for a walk first. 


Cam Buye
Cabo Rojo, 00623

Why you should go
– Beautiful natural beach
– No big crowds

– Suitable for snorkeling
– No big waves and safe

Always open