Botanic Garden Rio Piedras

The Botanic Garden in Río Piedras, which was founded in 1970, is home to over 36,000 Puerto Rican endemic species of flora and fauna and serves as a living laboratory for the studies of national and international scientists, professors and students, but also as an ideal place to spend a day together with one’s friends and family. Although the Botanic Garden is located right in the center of metro area, it is a place of recreation and relaxation. It has areas of dense vegetation, but also big lawns on which you can have a picnic. There are even roofed spaces, which can also be rented exclusively for private festivities.

In the garden you can encounter impressive animals of all kinds, which is equally interesting for adults and children. You can feed turtles, fish and ducks, or see iguanas moving about freely through the Botanic Garden, so that you get a chance to watch them from up close when they are searching for food.

The Botanic Garden is created with a view to merging scientific and educational aims with everyday Puerto Rican culture. Through the combination of these two aspects the garden has become an important part of the community, enriching the community’s cultural life as a venue for musical concerts, recitals, festivals, guided tours, conferences and other recreational activities. The garden holds an invaluable art collection including works by 12 renowned artists from Puerto Rico and Hispanic America.


  • Cll Juan Ponce De Leon, Rio Piedras

Opening hours

  • Daily 6am to 6pm


  • Great for walks, relaxing and picnics 
  • Can be booked for weddings and activities
  • Feed ducks and turtles with kids
  • Discover plants and trees from all around the world


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