Boqueron Beach, Cabo Rojo

Boqueron Beach is one of the main beaches in Cabo Rojo beside Combate Beach. There are many other beaches but the fact that Restaurants and other locations are closeby and also a secure parking, probably makes it a good destination for families and bigger groups.

The beach offers a huge, fenced swimming area and is also ideal for families with children because there are no big waves anywhere near Boqueron.

It is a relaxing type of beach but if you are looking for some action or adventure you will also find a Banana Boat and Kayak Rental and other Water Sports. 

Once you are satisfied with sun, sand and beach, you can take a walk along “El Poblado Boqueron” for good food or cold drinks, which starts right at the beach after crossing a small bridge.

Cabo Rojo and Boqueron also have interesting stories to tell about the Pirate Roberto Cofresí who was a Pirate-like Robin Hood and who was born in Cabo Rojo.

Statue of Roberto Cofresí

Roberto Cofresí was known to have fiercely attacked foreign ships that sailed the Atlantic and the Caribbean. The booty was always shared with his friends and the poor.

roberto cofresi
el poblado boqueron

El Poblado Boqueron

Take a walk along Restaurants and Bars for fresh seafood and other delicious types of fresh food or relax with a cold drink just steps from the beach.


Cabo Rojo 00623, Puerto Rico

Why you should go
– perfect family beach
– good sanitary facilities
– many recreational areas
– Banana Boat and Kayaks
– fine sand and plenty of
– Restaurants, Bars and
– secure parking

Officially closed at 6pm, but is alway accessible. 

Have you been here or like to visit?