Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

One of the main reasons for you to come visit Puerto Rico surely is to relax at one of our beautiful beaches, feel the sand between your toes and swim in the clean, warm Caribbean waters. There are more than 100 beaches on and off the main island and we have explored them for years to give you the most extensive list with high quality pictures of Puerto Rico’s beaches on the internet. 

There are many different types of beaches from nearly white to dark sand, beaches in the Metropolitan area around San Juan with countless bars and restaurants in walking distance. Deserted beaches where you won’t see anyone else around and can enjoy pure nature or explore the under water world snorkeling with turtles and fishes. 

Flamenco Beach

Culebra – This gorgeous natural beach has an effect that you can’t put into words – you just have to experience it yourself. Feel the very fine and… Read more >>

Icacos Island

Fajardo – Cayo Icacos, one of a few small cays off the east coast in Puerto Rico which is only accessible by boat. Except on weekends, Icacos… Read more >>

Zoni Turtle Beach

Culebra – All those who would like to have a dream beach all to themselves are awaited by pure nature at Playa Zoni. We have voted this… Read more >>

Crash Boat Beach

Aguadilla – Crash Boat might not be a particularly quiet place, at least not on weekends, but on the other hand it has a lot to offer. You can… Read more >>

Buye Beach

Cabo Rojo – Buye Beach, right between Mayaguez and Cabo Rojo is probably the most beautiful beach in the Cabo Rojo area. While… Read more >>

Sucia Beach

Cabo Rojo – One of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful beaches is hidden in a bay behind the famous Los Morrillos lighthouse, located… Read more >>

Seven Seas Beach

Fajardo – Seven Seas is definitely one of Puerto Rico’s best beaches and is part of the Blue Flag Beach program. It is located near Fajardo… Read more >>

Condado Beach

Condado – Condado Beach is only a few minutes away from Old San Juan and is lined by various big hotels. Although you are almost always… Read more >>

Los Tubos Beach

Manati – Los Tubos in Manatí is just a small part of an extensive shore that starts at the border of Vega Baja and Manatí. The… Read more >>

Los Tubos Beach

Cabo Rojo – Boqueron Beach is one of the main beaches in Cabo Rojo beside Combate Beach. There are many other beaches but the… Read more >>

Best Restaurants in Puerto Rico

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